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This collection of photographs is the fruit of my "Close to Home" project. Once a week for a year I photographed objects and scenes within a mile of my home. After digitally editing each photo, I shared it with a web audience. Ultimately for me, this project became a celebration of the artistry surrounding us in our every day lives, as well as the peacefulness found by experiencing this artistry.

While photographing “Close to Home,” I was drawn to forms, patterns and textures. I often used a neutral color palate with flashes of color and a subtle abstraction of subject matter. These techniques help me to convey what I find most satisfying about the art of photography: the sense of implied mystery inherent in every scene as well as the opportunity to see the commonplace and the nearby in fresh and creative ways.

The lessons I learned over the 52 weeks of this project were:
  • Keep your eyes open to truly see the familiar surroundings, the artistry in the everyday world.
  • Always have your camera with you in order to be able to capture the moment; the planned artistic photo session doesn't always produce the best images.
  • Trust that tingling feeling on your neck that says 'this is it'.
Half-Court  week #1Circle of Life week #2Angles of Light week#3Barred  week#4Old Timer  week #5John Deere I  week #6Shadow Line week #7Skyscraper    week #8Horology      week #9Roofline  week #10Gossamer   Wings     week #11Labarinth     week #12Neptune     week #13Petals:                   week #14Nature's Pinwheel   week #15Intersecting  week #16Supernova     week#17Hibiscus  2      week#18Summer Storm--week#19Farm Fresh   week# 20