What a severe yet master artist old Winter is .... No longer the

canvas and the pigments, but the marble and the chisel. 

~John Burroughs



Ice has always seemed magical to me. As a child I preferred lying on the ice to skating, my eyes focused on the frozen surface as I imagined (or maybe invented) worlds within. If I squinted, the light changed and so did the patterns. When people skated by me, the marks created by their skates added to my imaginings.

The same fascination remains for me to this day. For me, the long, cold winter of 2015 was a gift. When I was outside I searched for patterns, shapes or visions within the frozen water, much as others mights see within clouds. Ponds, puddles, and even my own frozen water creations, provided pohotographic opportunities. These imagined worlds included the earth's topography, as it might be seen from space.  I conjured glaciers, solar systems, and dancers.

'Designs in Ice' is my first collection of ice images. Despite freezing fingers and toes, I felt childlike joy working on this project. I hope to produce an annual folio of my icy worlds - a yearly celebration of winter's artistry.





This project is available for sale as an eleven page folio: an archivally printed, fine art collection of loose, unbound prints and text within an archival fine art cover.  Photos and text are printed on Hahnemuehle archival Photo Rag 308gm matte fine art paper using archival Epson inks.

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