One year of weekly photos within a mile of my home
Photographic projects have many benefits: a good project expands the photographer's creative repertoire, increases skills both with the camera and in the digital darkroom, and hones the ability to see visual opportunities in different ways.  
This collection of photographs is the fruit of my recent project, "Close to Home." For one year, once a week, I photographed objects and scenes within a mile of my home in Newtown, CT.  After digitally developing each photo, I shared it with a select web audience, creating a photographic narrative that, although "local," transcends those geographic boundaries.  
While photographing "Close to Home," I was drawn to forms, patterns and textures. In presenting these images I've utilized a neutral color palate with flashes of color and a subtle abstraction of subject matter in order to convey what fascinates me most about the art of photography: the sense of implied mystery inherent in every scene; the opportunity to see the commonplace and the nearby in fresh and creative ways.